• Believe = Agreement with / Convinced of
  • Destiny = The end of the path we are walking
  • Elect = God's chosen vessel
    The person, nation / tool, the means God selects
    to carry out His will
  • Faith = Confident In
    Fear is faith in the wrong thing, which is why faith and
    fear cannot coexist.   You can only have faith
    in one thing at a time.
  • Fervent = Emotionally focused
  • Foreknowledge = God's declared outcome
  • Gentleness = Acting harmlessly
  • Glorified = Exalted honor
  • Grace = Undeserved. unearned favor
    God revealing Himself to us
  • Holy = Set apart and Pure / Fit for God's use
  • Hope = Expected outcome
    What I believe about tomorrow that determines
    my actions today...
  • Humility = Controlled power
    Not thinking less of yourself but thinking about yourself
    less and God more
  • Joy = Bringing God pleasure
  • Justice = Receiving what is due
  • Justified = Debt paid in full / Nothing more owed
  • Kindness = Merciful graciousness
  • Long Suffering = Persistent performance
    Standing firm, finishing the race unmoved
  • Love = Mercy + Grace
    Sacrificing Self / Selfless actions
    Seeking the best for another at my own expense.   
  • Lust = Me First / Desire / Selfish actions
    Seeking my own interests at the expense of others.
  • Meekness = Submitting to higher authority
  • Mercy = Pardon granted / Justice deferred
  • Obedience = Opportunity taken
  • Patience = Unwavering consistency
  • Peace = Fearless contentment
  • Perfect = Complete / Whole / Nothing missing
  • Perseverance = Never giving up
  • Persistence = Enduring to the end
  • Piety = Reverent submission
  • Praise = Gratefully extolling God's deeds / character
                to others
  • Predestination = Outcome of God’s established plan
  • Prayer = Directed conversation / Partnering with God
  • Priority = The thing that I talk/think about most
  • Promise = Guaranteed result / Prophecy
  • Prophecy = History future / Promise given
  • Rest = Giving God control
  • Righteous = Without blame / Been Accepted
  • Sanctified = Separated for / Dedicated to a purpose
  • Self Control = Measured response
  • Selfishness = Personal pride / Me first
  • Sin = Missed Mark / Falling short / Unattained Potential
  • Success = Assignment completed
  • Temperance = Deferring gratification
  • Treasure = What I won't surrender or give up
  • Trust = Dependence upon / Committed to
    Belief based action
  • Truth = Always so / Something unchangeable
  • Wish = Desired Outcome
    (vs Hope = Expected Outcome)
  • Word of God =
    Logos - the whole of God's Words
    Rema - the sayings of God
  • Worship = Extolling / Recounting God's character
    & deeds to God Himself
  • -6    The Annunciation to MARY in Nazareth.  
    JOHN THE BAPTIST was born about September to
    Judea became a sub-province of Syria.  
  • -5    Our LORD, JESUS the CHRIST was born in Bethlehem
    about April.
  • -4    Wise Men from the East sought the child JESUS.
    HEROD THE GREAT killed the children of Bethlehem and
    executed his son ANTIPATER a few days before he died in
    March at Jericho.   
    He was succeeded by HEROD ANTIPAS in Galilee.  
    HEROD ARCHAELAUS ruled Judea.  
    HEROD PHILIP ruled Iturea.
  • 8     JESUS, age 12, was at the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • 10   SAUL (PAUL the Apostle) was born in Tarsus.
  • 17   Major earthquake in Asia Minor.
  • 25   JOHN THE BAPTIST began his ministry.  
    JESUS was baptized in the Jordan River by JOHN.
  • 26   JESUS began His Galilean ministry.  
    HEROD'S Temple in Jerusalem was completed.  
    PONTIUS PILATE was appointed procurator of Judea.
  • 27   JESUS began His Judean ministry.  
    JOHN THE BAPTIST was beheaded by HEROD.
  • 29   JESUS was crucified, buried and resurrected in April
    Jesus ascended in May, 40 days later .  
    In June, 10 days following Jesus ascension, the Holy
    Spirit came upon and into Jesus followers (Pentecost)
    JUDAS ISCARIOT, who had betrayed JESUS for 30 pieces of
    silver, hanged himself and falling headlong, he burst asunder
    in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out.  
    PHILIP traveled to Scythia in southern Russia where he
    ministered for 20 years.
  • 33   The Church at Jerusalem held a leading position in the
    Christian community.
    SIMON PETER went to Antioch, established a church and
    stayed there for 7 years.
  • 36   STEPHEN was stoned to death, becoming the first Christian
    SAUL (PAUL the Apostle) was converted on the road to
  • 37   PAUL was at Damascus.  FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS was born.
    MATTHEW wrote his gospel.  Some date this later around
    50AD (We favor this early date.)
  • 38   PAUL fled from Damascus, went to Jerusalem, then to Tarsus.
  • 44   PAUL was at Antioch. The disciples of Christ were first called
    "Christians" at Antioch.  
    SIMON PETER went to Caesarea from Joppa and
    CORNELIUS was converted.  
    JAMES, son of ZEBEDEE, was beheaded by HEROD
    HEROD AGRIPPA I died, eaten of worms, at age 54.
  • 45   PAUL, BARNABAS and JOHN MARK visited Jerusalem from
    JAMES wrote his epistle.   MATTHEW went to Persia.
  • 46   PAUL was at Antioch.
  • 48   PAUL and BARNABAS began their first missionary journey.
  • 49   THOMAS, JUDE and BARTHOLOMEW went to India where
    they ministered in Nisibis, Malebar, Socotora, Camboia and
    Mogar.   They even went to Cataio, Bisnaga and China.
  • 50   PAUL and BARNABAS attended the Council at Jerusalem.  
  • 51   PAUL and SILAS began a second missionary journey.  
    PAUL met the Gentile physician, LUKE at Troas.  
    BARNABAS and JOHN MARK ministered in Syria and Cilicia.
  • 52   PAUL wrote "First Thessalonians" from Corinth.  
    THOMAS was killed in Cranganore, India by Brahmin priests
    who knocked him to the ground and stuck him through with a
    GAMALIEL the Pharisee died.  
    CLAUDIUS expelled the Jews from Rome.
  • 53   PAUL wrote "Second Thessalonians" from Corinth.
  • 54   PAUL and SILAS began a third missionary journey.  
    PHILIP, age 87, having ministered in France, was pierced
    through the thighs and hung upside down on a cross until he
    died at Heliopolis in Phrygia..
  • 55   PAUL was at Ephesus.  (The revolt of the Egyptian, Acts 21:38)
  • 56   PAUL ministered at Ephesus.
  • 57   PAUL wrote "First Corinthians" from Ephesus, "Second
    Corinthians" from Macedonia, and "Galatians" from Corinth.
  • 58   PAUL wrote "Romans" from Corinth.
    PAUL was arrested at Jerusalem and sent to Caesarea.
  • 59   PAUL was tried before ANTONIUS FELIX at Caesarea.
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-BC / AD    (Some dates are not agreed upon by all commentators)
  • 60   PAUL was tried before FESTUS in Caesarea.  
    PAUL, sent as a prisoner to Rome, was shipwrecked on
    LUKE wrote his gospel.  
    After having ministered in Persia, Egypt and Ethiopia,
    MATTHEW was slain in Egypt.  
    SIMON ZELOTES returned to Britain after having
    ministered through Egypt, Cyrene, North Africa, Carthage,
    Martonia, Lybia and Spain
  • 60-61    PAUL arrived at Rome.  LUKE wrote "Acts".
  • ~60-62   PAUL, at Rome, wrote "Philemon",
    "Colossians", "Ephesians" and "Philippians"
    It was during this period that a major earthquake destroyed
    Colossai and the surrounding
    cities in the area again.
  • 62    ANANUS was made High Priest and had JAMES,
    brother of Jesus, cast from a pinnacle of the Temple,
    showered with stones and finally his skull smashed and his
    brains beaten out with a fuller's club. He was buried on the
    Mount of Olives.
  • 63   PAUL was released from prison at Rome and went
    to Macedonia and Asia Minor,
    Paul wrote "First Timothy" from Macedonia and "Titus"
    from Ephesus.
  • 64   PAUL visited Spain.  
    PETER wrote "First Peter" from 'Babylon'.  
    After having ministered with ANDREW in Armenia,
    MATTHIAS, the apostle who took JUDAS'
    place, returned to Jerusalem where he was stoned and
    A great fire burned Rome on July 19th.  
    NERO persecuted the Christians.
  • 65   PAUL was in Spain and Britain.  JOHN MARK wrote his
  • 66   PAUL traveled from Spain to Asia Minor.  
    Masada on the Dead Sea was captured by the Jews.  
    VESPASIAN and his son TITUS led the Roman armies in
    JOHN MARK went to Venice and to Alexandria, Egypt, where
    he founded a church.
  • 68   HEBREWS written, probably by PAUL.  
    PAUL imprisoned in Rome wrote "2nd Timothy" shortly
    before he was beheaded in May by NERO.  
    JOHN MARK was dragged to death through the streets of
    Alexandria, Egypt on Easter.  
    LAZARUS of Bethany ministered in Citium in Cyprus for 30
    years, then traveled to Marseilles in Gaul where he spent 7
    more years and also visited Britain. He retired to Cyprus
    where he died (again).  
    BARTHOLOMEW, after having ministered in India with
    THOMAS and JUDE and with PHILIP at Hierapolis, died after
    being beaten with clubs, flayed alive and crucified in Armenia
    by the priests of Albanus, led by ASTYAGES, the king's
    JUDE wrote his epistle.  
    VESPASIAN attacked Jerusalem.  
    JOSEPHUS wrote his "History of the Jewish War."
  • 69   POLYCARP was born.  
    After having ministered in the foothills of the Caucasis
    mountains, to the Scythians in South Russia around the
    Black Sea, establishing churches in Scythia, Byzantium,
    Greece, Thrace, Macedonia a-nd Patros, ANDREW was
    crucified at Achaia on a cross in the form of an "X", hanging
    there for three days before he died on the last day of
    LUKE, who had been ministering with ANDREW, was killed at
    Patros, Greece by being hanged on an olive tree by the
    idolatrous priests.
  • 70   VESPASIAN arrived at Rome.  
    TITUS, his son, with 80,000 men, captured and destroyed
    Jerusalem in August. 700 Jewish prisoners were taken to
  • 72   After ministering in Syria, Edessa and northern Persia, JUDE
    (THADDAEUS) was killed with a halberd at Edessa and was buried
    at Kara Kelesia.  
    SIMON ZELOTES was sawn asunder in Persia.
  • 73   BARNABAS was killed by the Jews in Salamis on Cyprus.
  • 74   MASADA fell to the Romans on April 15th.
  • 76   JOSEPH of Ariamathea died in Britain and was buried at
  • 79   Mt. Vesuvius erupted, destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum.
  • 80   Rome was burned again.
  • 94   Roman persecution of Jewish and Christians.  
    Josephus' "Antiquities" was published.
  • 95   JOHN was banished from Ephesus to Patmos by DOMITIAN
    where he wrote "Revelation".  
    During his banishment, TIMOTHY ministered at Ephesus.
  • 96   JOHN was released from exile on Patmos by NERVA and
    returned to Ephesus.  
  • 96-97 ??  JOHN wrote his Gospel.
           JOHN wrote I John, II John and III John.  
  • 97   TIMOTHY reproved the pagans of Ephesus for their idolatry.
    They fell upon him with clubs and beat him.
    He died 2 days later from the beating.  
    JOHN the Apostle died at Ephesus on September 26th.

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